This web site was put together to have one common place where information regarding the Warner Pasture development can be found.   We will use this as our communication tool to keep you up to date with all current activities and meetings of the CCFWP group. 

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Upcoming Meeting

Stone Mills Council

Regular Mtgs
1st & 3rd Mondays
6:30 PM




RECENT NEWS....                           

Letter to Council  Re: Road Frontages on WP Lots - Aug 24/2011
Napanee Beaver - Aug 4/2011
RFA Letter - Aug 2/2011
Township of Stone Mills Agenda Pkg - Aug 2/2011
Township of Stone Mills - Bryan Brown Deputation - Aug 2/2011 (Requires Windows Media Player)
Township of Stone Mills - Roger Hogan Report to Staff - Aug 2/2011 (Requires Windows Media Player)
MMAH Decision July 2011
MMAH Decision July 2011 - Map Insert
Response from Bryan Brown to Council -
July 28/2011
Response from Gail Knowles to Council -
July 30/2011
Township of Stone Mills Staff Report - Apr 28/2011
Malroz Letter - Feb 10/2011
Wayne Goodyer Letter to Council RE: Lot Density - Jan 19/2011










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Latest Proposal
w. Parkland

Proposed Subdivision (NEW)

Proposed Subdivision (OLD)

Warner Pasture Aerial View

Yarker Map (1904)



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